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Below are some of my favorite links, in no particular order:

Boats & Boating

Boats and Boating — Learn about powerboating, sailing, and kayaking at my favorite boating site.

Affordable Boats Online — Find affordable sailboats & powerboats.

Boat PaintingPainting your boat, including the bottom, deck, and non-skid surfaces.

Boat Seat Site — When you need replacement boat seats, this is where to find them at good prices.

Marine Mechanics — Tips for those interested in becoming a marine mechanic.

Sailboat Surveys — Information and tips when you need to hire a marine surveyor for a sailboat survey.

Powerboat Surveys — When you need a marine survey for your powerboat.

Boat Detailing — Tips for detailing your boat.

Square Rig Sailing — Information and history related to the traditional square rig sailing ships of the past.

Buy Sea Rays — Buying Sea Ray powerboats and Sea Ray accessories online.

Conscious Breath Adventures — For the best in whale watching cruises with the Humpback Whales of the Silver Bank, you can do no better than my buddy Gene.

MacGregor Yachts — Information about the MacGregor 26 Sailboat.

Precision Sailboats — Information about Precision Sailboats.

Com-Pac Catboats and Cruising Sailboats — Information about Com-Pac Sailboats.

Boating Electronics — Offering discount GPS units, radars, chartplotters, and other marine electronics.

Boat Wood Finishing — I share my hard-earned knowledge about refinishing wood on boats.

Maritime Antiques — Bargains on antique anchors, ship's clocks, portholes, sextants and other antique nautical items.


Bit and Rein — Tack shop selling equestrian supplies via eBay listings.

Cats as Pets — Affordable cat supplies.

Affordable Dog Supplies — Information about dog breeds, dog training, and electric fences for dogs.

Outdoor Sports & Fun

Boy Scout Supplies — Stuff for Boy Scouts, including uniforms, Boy Scout knives and hatchets, camping gear, Boy Scout manuals and handbooks, and other scouting equipment.

Camo World — This site is all camo all the time: Camo tents and sleeping bags, camo tree stands and hunting blinds, camo dolls and teddy bears, camo cargo pants, bikinis, and boots. If it exists in camo, it's here.

RC Toy Mart — You'll have plenty of fun with these radio controlled cars, planes, helicopters, and boats.

Skateboard Deck Shop — This site offers lots of skateboards and skateboarding gear, including skateboard wheels and bearings, skateboard decks, and skateboard trucks, grip tape, led lights, and more.

Surfboards Online — If you're shopping for surfboards, body boards, skim boards, indo training boards, or surfing gear and accessories, this site is likely to have just what you need.

Winter Sports

Bindings for Snowboards — Lots of bargains from eBay on snowboards, snowboard bindings, and snowboard boots.

Parts for Snowmobiles — Another eBay listing site offering snowmobile parts and accessories, including snowmobile skis, runners, and tracks, steering posts and handlebars, mirrors, saddlebags, and other stuff for snowmobiling.

Home Interior & Decor

Antiques — Information, tips, and buying advice about antique lighting, antique cars, and antique tractors.

Bamboo Stand — Bamboo is becoming increasingly popular for bamboo flooring and bamboo shades.

Antique Goblets — Antique and vintage wine and water goblets.

Beautiful Bathrooms — Towels, vanities, shower curtains, and other stuff for bathrooms.

Blades Online — Kitchen cutlery, multi-tools, and other blade items.

It's Bakelite — Vintage bakelite stuff. I had no idea Bakelite was used in so many different products.

Kitchen Works — Cookware, kitchen appliances, and other kitchen tools and supplies.

Italian Art Glass — Beautiful art glass from Italy

Scandinavian Art Glass — Beautiful art glass from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Vintage Clocks — Antique clocks and watches, including antique pocket watches, grandfather clocks, and cuckoo clocks.


Multitool Shop — I can't live without my selection of multitools.

Fire Safety Equipment — If you need fire extinquishers, fire alarms, or fire hoses, this is the place to find great deals.

Air Tool Bargains — A collection of the best air-powered pneumatic tools on eBay, including the popular air nailers and impact wrenches.

Favorite Stuffed Animals — We carefully chose the most popular stuffed and plush Webkinz toys with codes, such as the Webkinz stuffed toys and Lil'Kinz stuffed toys.

Mah Jong Boutique — Great antique and vintage Mah Jong sets, travel sets, tiles, and other stuff related to the popular Chinese game.

I Sold What — A handy tool for finding eBay category numbers and eBay Motors category numbers.

Floppy Eared Puppy — A new better way to search eBay.

Aircraft Mechanics — Informational site about careers in aircraft mechanics and avionics.

Aviation Collectibles — Souvenirs, memorabilia and collectibles related to commercial, military and private aviation.

Antique & Classic Cars — Features vintage & antique cars such as Packards, Studebakers, Mustangs, and others

Beer Stuff Here — The world's biggest collection of beer stuff, including beer steins and mugs, collectible beer cans, beer making supplies, and beer memorabilia.

Best Baskets — If you like Longaberger Baskets, you'll love this site. It features all the different styles of Longaberger baskets through the years.

Canvas Tarps — More than you ever wanted to know about canvas tarps and tarp covers.

Canvas World — A huge selection of everything canvas, including replacement canopy covers, canvas backpacks, canvas tents, tarps, and canvas luggage.

Carpentry Collectibles — A great selection of antique and vintage carpenter's tools, including vintage hand drills, Stanley tools, hammers, and more.

Collectible Signs — A very interesting selection of vintage and collectible signs, including vintage gas station signs, soda pop signs and other advertising memorabilia style signs.

Awnings Overall — Lots of information about awnings, retractable awnings, RV awnings, and other awnings.

Gazebo Hut — Tips and planning information if you want to buy a gazebo for your backyard.

Expert Photography — Information and resources for hiring a professional photographer.

Light Outside — Helpful information about outside lighting.

King of the Hill Quotations — For some of the best Hank Hill Quotes from one of my favorite shows, King of the Hill

Masonic Memorabilia — A collection of items from throughout eBay featuring Masonic Memorabilia such as Masonic rings, watches, cufflinks, historical documents, and Lodge regalia

Military Memorabilia — This site features personal field gear, medals and ribbons, and other military memorabilia.

Nock It Archery Supplies — A comprehensive listing of all the archery supplies available on eBay, categorized better than eBay ever dreamed of doing, plus Flinging Arrows, a collection of archery equipment and archery gear reviews.

Own Florida Waterfront — For a great selection of helpful articles on buying Florida real estate, with tips on buying waterfront property.

Florida Real Estate — Bargains are available on Florida property — Florida real estate auctions are a great way to find great deals.

Redneck DixieRednecks are a proud bunch, and this site helps them celebrate their redneck status.

Shriners Memorabilia — Not to be outdone by Masonic Memorabilia, this site gathers together all the best eBay products related to the Shriners, including Shriner rings, watches, belt buckles and other jewelry, Shrine collectibles, Shrine pins, historical photographs, and other Shrine stuff.

State License Plates — A site for finding vintage and collectible license plates from the 50 U.S. states.

Tarp World — Lots of tarps and tarp related products, including the ever-popular replacement canopy covers, equipment covers, canopies and shelters, and general-purpose tarps in a selection of sizes.

Tropical Web Works Web site design — My favorite web site development firm

Vintage Pens — Vintage fountain pens and ballpoint pens, including Waterman and Mont Blanc, antique inkwells, and other collectible and vintage pen stuff.

Vintage Fabrics — This site offers antique and vintage linens and textiles, from table linens to draperies, silks and upholstery fabric.

Used Tool Bargains — A great place to find good deals on a wide selection of used tools for sale.

Winning Yard — Everything you need for lawn and garden care, all gathered together in one convenient spot.

Grow Lights — Fluorescent, LED, and T5 Grow Lights, plus hoods, reflectors, and other accessories for hydroponic gardening.

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